International conference announcement on 8th World summit on Trauma, Critical Care and Reconstructive Surgery via worldwide.


Conference series welcomes you to attend the "8th World Summit on Trauma, Critical Care, and Reconstructive which will be held in January 16–17, 2023, as a webinar. There will be an online conference called "Trauma Summit 2023," where you can submit your abstract and showcase your abilities in front of a large audience. And will feature timely keynote presentations, oral presentations, poster presentations, video presentations, and exhibitions. This conference's special interest and theme is "Revealing the Advancements in Emergency and Advanced Healthcare."

Sessions and Tracks:

  1. Trauma during Covid-19
  2. Psychiatry & Mental Health
  3. Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  4. Acute and Post - traumatic stress disorder
  5. Trauma anesthesia
  6. Critical Care
  7. Emergency Nursing
  8. Neuro Critical Care
  9. Acute respiratory failure (ARF)
  10. Emergency drug and its administration
  11. Plastic, Reconstructive, Micro and Cosmetic Surgery
  12. Breast Reconstruction

Target Audience:

  1. Noble laureates in Health Care and Medicine
  2. Scientist
  3. Doctors
  4. Emergency Medicine Professionals
  5. Directors, CEO’s of Organizations Association
  6. Association presidents, Professors, YRF's
  7. Associate Professors and Assistant Professors,
  8. Graduates and Post Graduates
  9. Research Institutes and member
  10. Business Entrepreneurs

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